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Pain Management Tips to Remember


Overwhelming pain is not that easy to address in elderly care plans. You should get the background of how the pain started. The carers from home care in Redwood City, California know that there are methods to assist in such service.

Treatments must be taken to address the pain in patients. If possible, learn to do it with the patient, especially if the treatment approaches concern the mind and body. Caregivers in California can help in the routine to provide examples and train the elderly. Here are approaches to consider:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

    Talking therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the psychological treatments for chronic pain. The objective of psychological treatments is to reduce the negative impact of chronic pain on a person’s mental health.

    Light housekeeping contributes a positive feeling toward the homebound patient. You may find a qualified caregiver who offers such services.

  • Yoga routine
    Providers of home care services can guide patients when it comes to yoga. Yoga is relaxing, keeps the body flexible, and strengthens the muscles. It involves stretching with specific poses that focus on body areas.

If you want to do yoga outdoors with the elderly for an additional touch of nature, transportation needs can be provided by Ocean Wave Home Care LLC. Delivering your patient safe and sound to the destination is our goal. Feel free to message us.

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