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Medication Errors: What They Are and How to Avoid Them


Complex polypharmacy, defined as the regular use of at least five medicines, is the primary risk factor for adverse medication interactions and errors. Unfortunately, seniors are the most vulnerable to this because of their challenges with fully understanding their medications. This is one of the many reasons why the roles of caregivers in California are vital.

Hoping to lower this phenomenon, allow us at Ocean Wave Home Care LLC to share the common reasons for medication errors and how our home care in Redwood City, California, can be of help.

These are:

  • Overlooking Dosing Instructions

    Seniors are especially vulnerable to overdosing. Many medications also need patients to follow precise directions; otherwise, the treatment may not work or may harm the patient. To tackle this, not only will our team provide medication reminders, but they will also ensure that all important details are taken into account.

  • Failing to Consider Drug Interactions

    Having several medications might result in dangerous drug interactions. Additionally, if a doctor is unaware of all the medications a patient is taking, they may unintentionally add a potentially harmful drug to the list. Through our companionship services, we can provide someone who can keep an up-to-date list of medications and share it with a provider if a new prescription is recommended.

  • Confusing Medications With One Another

    Seniors are at risk of taking the wrong prescription owing to similarities in the name or appearance of the pills. Sorting medications beforehand and organizing them into pillboxes are only two strategies we employ to help address this problem.

Should you like to know more about us and our home care services, dial us today!

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