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Age-Friendly Support: Know the 4Ms of Care


Aging can be challenging if you do not know how to approach it with the right attitude and technique. It can be a burden on some people because it opens them to a lot of changes that can be uncomfortable and difficult to go through.

This is why an in-home assessment can be done by aging individuals that will help them know where to focus the care that they’re needing and receiving. These are the 4Ms – the essential aspects of care that should be interrelated so that care is complete and the outcome is promising:

  • What Matters
    You should know that aging can change your needs. You need to set your priorities and goals according to what matters most to you. Share your concerns and needs with your health care providers. If what you need is assistance, inform them that you need home care services.
  • Medication
    It is common for elderly people to have a lot of medications all at once. To get the best out of these medications, talk to your doctor about any side effects that you are experiencing. You may also want to ask your care team to assess how your meds interact with each other.
  • Mentation
    Always guard your cognitive health. Inform your doctor and care team of any changes in your mood or memory. You may also need to get yourself screened for dementia or depression.
  • Mobility
    Moving around safely is a big concern for older adults. Be sure to stay active as you age to prevent mobility issues. You can also hire our caregivers in California to help you regain mobility by doing doctor-recommended home exercises.

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