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How to Keep Comfortable during Long Car Rides


Did you know that senior travelers are prone to deep vein thrombosis? This causes potentially fatal blood clots in the deep veins of the lower legs and thighs. Although commonly associated with air travel, it can also occur in automobile travelers. Cardiologists share that sitting in a confined space for more than four hours can potentially lead to deep vein thrombosis.

As such, it is important to keep your senior loved one comfortable during car rides. Here are some tips that our elderly home care, Ocean Wave Home Care LLC, would like to share.

Take breaks every two hours. Stop, get out of the car, and walk around every two hours. Sitting in one position for more than two hours is also hard on your back, especially for the elderly. It can compress the disks between your vertebrae, which can cause numbness or tingle in your legs.

Stretching is also fairly important. Make it a point to let your senior sit in an area in the vehicle with the most legroom. This allows them to move their legs without the feeling of being too confined. Our home care in Redwood City, California, recommends doing ankle rolls and alternate flexing and pointing of feet every half hour or so to reduce DVT.

Lastly, eat healthily. Eating salty and greasy foods, especially during car rides, can cause swelling. Our home care services recommend packing healthy snacks and meals to eat on the road. Bring dried and fresh fruit, cheese sticks, and nuts to ward off any cravings for unhealthy food while on the road. Pack your cooler with plain or vitamin water and stay hydrated, too.

For more senior health tips, feel free to get in touch with our caregivers in California anytime!

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